jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

My Family

My family is very traditional. My parents are married, my parents are traders. My brother lives with his girlfriend and has a child but are not married, I have a daughter and am a single mother, my two grandmothers are widows, On my breast I have six guys, three are married and two are divorced. On behalf of my father I have the same five guys, four are married and one divorced. My family is very united on special dates try to meet everyone and share good times.

I love my family and I love my daughter much more than you can imagine

Trends in University

A crime story in the news.

The armed robbery in the clean leaves two dead and one seriously injured.

On Thursday 06, 2012, afternoon at the Banco Exterior Square shopping center clean, five men arrived in a van TUCSON, awaiting the arrival of the armored car, two men were waiting woman makeup of the two guards with remeza, where coming out to save the remeza in the truck, shot in the head to the guards, killing one guard on the spot and wounding another death, where the exchange of fire killed a citizen who was taking money from ATMs, after being in the line of fire, the robbers fled out the back of the mall.


It is likely that the weapons used and how they are guerrillas acted

The story of a crime